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Whether you have short-term or long-term goals with your rental property, our team is ready to assist. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your rental, while handling the responsibilities of managing and advertising your property for you

For this month only, we're offering a FREE revenue projection to show you exactly how much you're losing out on when it comes to your rental property. 


Ensure that you're earning the maximum possible revenue from your rental with the aid of a premier rental management company in Destin, FL!
Beach Bums Vacation Rentals is a vacation rental company that is dedicated to providing you with consistent, trustworthy service beyond compare. We have over 25 years experience in remodeling, home maintenance, customer service and Real Estate.
Beach Bums Vacation Rentals, LLC.
Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation Rental?
Let's Take a Moment to Evaluate Your Current Situation
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are you getting the most revenue possible out of your rental property?
  • Do you currently have a service to clean & maintain your property after use?
  • Do you have a reliable way to market your rental and track bookings?
  • ​Do you have trouble dealing with problematic clients and could use a helping hand?
  • ​Are you achieving at least an 80% occupancy rate on your property? (You can find this out by asking your property management company)
If you find yourself answering no, or even have any concerns or doubts about your current mode of managing your property, then you're exactly the type of client we're looking to help!

You see, in the Destin, Florida area, the average occupancy rate is about 28%. In fact, competitor companies that you might be partnering with or partnered with in the past probably hid your occupancy rate from you because it's so low. Especially down on here on the Emerald Coast, property owners get used to snowbirds coming in and watching things slow down that they just simply accept that that's how it works. 

We don't accept that.

Beach Bums Vacation Rentals PROUDLY boasts that we regularly achieve our benchmark of an 80% occupancy rate for our managed properties. Of course, we strive for 100% across them all, but even at at our current rate, we simply outperform every single competitor in the city.

This doesn't happen easily or by chance. Beach Bums Vacation Rentals accomplishes this thanks to its proprietary management software and aggressive dynamic pricing strategies that nets us a strong stream of occupants that far exceeds the average rental management company.

That kind of success is waiting for you, too!

If you act now during the month this offer is available, you'll be eligible for a free revenue projection courtesy of the experts at Beach Bums Vacation Rentals. We'll provide you with a detailed report showing you all of the options and benefits available that will help you increase your revenue.

But that's not all...

We've got some INCREDIBLE bonuses available to those who act fast! The process is simple - just sign up for your free revenue projection, and, if you like what you see, sign up for our services and get access an entire platform of benefits while this offer lasts.

BUT DON'T WAIT TO SIGN UP - some of these AMAZING offers are limited to just the first 10 guests who take advantage of this...

Transitioning from your current means of operation to our property management service is convenient and simple, offering near-immediate results and providing you with freedom to live your life, while we take care of business!
What Sets Beach Bums Apart From the Rest?
If you're someone who has worked with property rental management companies in the past, you may have dealt with poor treatment, an unacceptable lack of communication, and frankly poor results for their efforts. We also know you have realistic standards about the type of commission a company should be entitled to.
Beach Bums Vacation Rentals aims to eliminate every one of those concerns right from the start. 

Our team offers one of the lowest commission rates for the value you receive of any property management company in Destin, FL for BOTH short-term and long-term rentals. 

There's no credit card fees, no travel agency fees, no third-party fees, and no hidden costs that deduct from the revenue you deserve

Our team is always on call 24/7 and ready to assist you with anything you need regarding your rental. It's your property, and that's why we aim to keep you informed at all times.
While all those benefits are incredible... they're honestly the least of what you deserve... 

That's why the benefits of working with Beach Bum Vacation Rentals do not stop there.

We help to further maximize your rental revenue by getting rid of the ridiculous nickel and diming that many competitors do. This means that every inspection of your property after a rental is provided courtesy of our team. But it doesn't stop there.

Maintenance is completed only as necessary! There's no recurring charges for a service you don't always necessarily need! That said, our contractors are trained to thoroughly inspect and clean your property after every use to ensure the building, the floors, and the furniture remain in tip-top condition!

But the benefits still do not stop! We provide guest damage waivers that cover the cost of EVERY booking for up to $3 Million, so you don't have to pay for THEIR mistakes! 

How's that stack up against the competitor?

By taking advantage of our offer available this month only, you can find out just exactly how much you're losing out on, and discover what we can do to to help you starting earning that additional revenue that's waiting for you!
A Team Dedicated to Advertising Your Property
Sure, listing your property somewhere might get you some rentals, but you just can't hope to maximize your revenue these days without knowing how to market your rental property online
Beach Bums Vacation Rentals is prepared to provide you and your rental quality digital marketing services, courtesy of our partner Local Digital Buzz - a premier digital marketing agency that is capable of providing:
  • Search engine optimization - Better rankings - we track where your site ranks for keywords, and implement proven strategies to improve your search results rankings - Get Your Property on the First Page!
  • Website Design - A dedicated, customized website for convenient booking and increased traffic
  • Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing - Take advantage of that social media traffic to bring special offers and promotions and interact with the community
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Dedicated web presence on Google and Bing searches run by an experienced ads manager
  • Content Marketing - Enhance your property's search rankings by providing your clients with meaningful blog content that educates consumers and helps you rank higher
  • ​Directory Listings - Get your property listed on over 70 directory listings online, featuring reviews, information, and more
Our advertising efforts don't end there. While digital marketing is essential to get the most out of your property, we still take advantage of print advertising to reach potential clients elsewhere!

We'll feature your Florida vacation rental in related print magazines, local newspapers, and related web publications. We also work to create strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations and corporate housing agents. All of these combined efforts serve to give you and your rental property a powerful advantage over the competition and access to different markets where many other advertising agencies fail to focus their efforts.

Getting the most out of your rental is just like marketing your own personal business. To do that, you need a team of experts who know exactly how to get your rental property in front of the eyes of those who want to put money directly into your bank account!

It's these types of expert, aggressive strategies that allow us to rapidly outpace any other property management company in the Destin area. While other companies are lying down and accepting defeat at that 28% occupancy rate, Beach Bums Vacation Rentals works tirelessly to ensure your property, like all of our others reaches and maintains the 80% occupancy rate we strive for. With our partners at Local Digital Buzz, marketing your property becomes easier than ever, allowing you to see that increased revenue all throughout the year!

When working with Beach Bums Vacation Rentals, you maximize your revenue when we win in the marketing game for you!
Give Your Guests the Smart Home Benefit
If your rental property hasn't already been converted to a "smart home," you could greatly benefit from a huge marketing boost by considering the upgrade today.

Beach Bums Vacation Rentals is prepared to make the investment in your property not only to enhance the quality of the guest experience, but to help better monitor the security of the property and regulate your utilities!

Think about it. Guests using rentals are on vacation using a property that isn't theirs - it's a recipe for heightened electric bills, cleaning bills, and more. You also don't want to worry about break-ins, theft, or damages... 

Smart devices will automatically power down idle electronics, regulate the thermostat automatically, and overall greatly reduce the costs associated with using the property!

We'll also outfit the property with smart security cameras that turn on when detecting motion in the area, as well as smart locks to provide your guests with security, and to prevent squatters from taking up residence and making a mess of the place.
By Signing Up for a 12-Month Agreement Today, You Will Receive:
  •  A 65" Smart TV with 4K Resolution and HDR Capabilities
  • A Smart Wifi Router with a Customized Platform, Easy Automation, and Access to Guest Data
  • Smart Lock Technology - Send Key Credentials to Guests Any Time - No Lost Keys, No Lockouts, No Break-ins
smart home technology that comes with your free revenue projection
  • Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, Touch Display, and Smart Interaction With Multiple Devices
  • Smart Hue Lighting - Fully Integrated With Wifi and Smart Voice Technology
  • ​​Smart Camera Security - Wire-free, Weatherproof, Night Vision, Audio - Know What's Happening At All Times
  • ​Property Smart Tablet - No Paper Necessary! Handle Check-ins, Welcome Guests, and Direct Guests to Local Activities and Services With Ease
The fluctuation depends on the specific hardware chosen for your property as well as the number of rooms available for smart upgrades. We invest what's necessary to ensure your property receives the maximum benefit!

Take it from our experience... guests LOVE to leave 5-star reviews for smart-homes that provide convenience, security, and entertainment! If you sign up today for a 12-month agreement, we'll give your property the "Smart House Upgrade" immediately!

However, there is a catch...

This added bonus is so BENEFICIAL to increasing your revenue...

That's why we're only giving it to the FIRST 10 GUESTS that sign up!

Anyone who understands the value we're providing is going to scoop this offer up, so don't waste time taking a chance and make sure you ACT NOW!
Partner With us for Additional Revenue Share!
If you could even FURTHER increase revenue gained from your rental by partnering with Beach Bums Vacation Rentals, would you?

In ADDITION to everything we've offered so far, we want to tell you about the opportunity to partner with us on revenue share. We do this by offering activity programs to clients to go with their vacation rental. 

An activity program would consist of about 5-8 activities taken from the local area. We offer these activities complementary to all vacation rentals along with ONE FREE adult admission to all of the activities EVERY DAY of their stay at your property.

This is PROVEN to boost occupancy of your rental, drive revenue for all partners involved, and provide you with a unique value proposition that differentiates you from other rentals competing with you.

This means more guests visiting your property without worrying about providing deep discounts just to get people in the door. You give them more value by offering them a memorable experience as opposed to just another place to stay while on vacation.
So much revenue is lost in the rental business due to the deep discounting often necessary to improve inventory and keep bookings up to stay ahead of the competition.

This partner program, however, has helped property owners SAVE hundreds of thousands of dollars every year simply by improving the guest experience overall. It also helps to facilitate direct bookings with our company, increasing guest loyalty, and an increased margin by cutting down on the distribution costs associated when guests book with third-parties.

How are we able to achieve this type of benefit? 

We ask our clients that sign up with our service for a 30% management fee on all rentals booked with our company. While this is a slightly higher than average rate in Destin, FL, consider that you will benefit from: an experienced marketing team, a professional maintenance team, an immensely valuable smart-home upgrade FREE with sign-up, revenue sharing, a unique value proposition, and even MORE benefits still to come...

Why not offer your guests a free dolphin cruise, dinner and a show, or free bicycle rentals to enjoy the sights and sounds of their destination? Sign up today and turn your simple rental into a vacation experience they can share forever!
Maximizing Your Rental Revenue is Easier Than You Think!
By working with Beach Bums Vacation Rentals LLC, you're going to see a surge of revenue straight from your rental property investment and into your bank account! It can all start today by showing you exactly the amount of revenue you're missing out on with your completely FREE revenue projection!
Let's do a recap of all the benefits that Beach Bums Vacation Rentals is prepared to provide for you today!
* An Obligation-Free Revenue Projection on Your Property

* Beach Bums Offers One of the Lowest Commission Rates among competitors in Destin, FL - More Revenue for You!

* A Professional Cleaning and Inspection Team

* ​No recurring charges, no extra fees

​* Guest damage waivers up to $3 Million 

​* A dedicated marketing team (digital and print) to attract new guests

* ​A Smart Home upgrade with a 12-month agreement (ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 10 GUESTS WHO CALL AND SIGN UP!!!)

​* Partner Revenue Sharing to increase occupancy, loyalty, and income
But, we've got just a few more things we would like to offer you still. 

To ensure that you remain satisfied and stay in the loop of everything happening with your vacation rental, you will have access to an online owner portal that you can access anywhere at any time.

This allows you to keep track of bookings, monitor our dynamic pricing efforts to meet demands, and benefit from our proprietary operational software that allows us to track 100% of the activity that happens with any guest on your property. 

You can expect constant support by email or phone with swift responses in hours, not waiting days on end. Even if you don't need the daily updates, we go through the effort of preparing monthly statements that break down the essential details regarding your property's rental performance! 
Check Out Our Five-Star Reviews!
""Your company is the Chick-fil-A of your industry–Awesome! I am confident that my new condo will be a great income generator just like the other you manage for me.""


"You guys are doing a good job of keeping everything clean."


""Thank you, we are at the beach now. Everything at the house is just perfect."


We Are the Difference
You've already made the investment in that amazing Florida property... so, why not make it work for you to the fullest?

Join the company of Beach Bums Vacation Rentals to enjoy a dedicated property management team unlike any other. Our team promises to discard that 28% average occupancy rate, and help you and your property achieve rates as strong as 80% thanks to a proprietary management software and aggressive dynamic pricing strategies you'll only find with our company. 

We handle everything with our expert suite of services, allowing you the freedom to do what matters most to you!

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this offer available THIS MONTH ONLY and discover just HOW MUCH money you're missing out on, and what you can do to direct it into your own bank account.

Get your free revenue projection today to see what we can do!
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